Feb 16, 2010

more stocked-up than a gutter after a hurricane

i have so many projects it's probally not even funny

inspired by i-forget-what (probally virus or ad2), mono is a standalone game using zdoom
that is, if i ever finish it
while the art style for the guys is consistent as could be, the level design is all over the place aesthetics wise. and this is only three levels
not to mention i have no idea what i have replaces and what i haven't replaced but need to

perhaps my most famous thing over at the zdoom forums, you control truckosaurus as he eats his breakfast
his breakfast being guys like you
right now it's stuck because of lack of sprites for new guys
so yeah

a thing called gun:
weapon mod for doom
it's technically done, but i still have to finish all of the monster replacements
which is taking so long due to lack of ideas

true heretic:
weapon mod for heretic
pretty mucha standard "guns for heretic" mod
it's stuck because of lack of ideas for the phoenix rod, hellstaff, and mace

guns and sorcery:
weapon mod for hexen
you can carry around one gun
why? because your slot keys hold spells that you can cast
atleast, that's the concept
the weapon swapping is in, but i have no idea how to do the menu for upgrading spells
oh well

weapon mod for doom
kinda like cold hard cash except you can buy at anytime
just stopped working on it

cacodemon soccer:
community interest died after a while
which is bad because this is multiplayer only
you play as a cacodemon and fly around and catch a ball and toss it or tackle the person who has it
first team to x goals wins

2d doom and hexen:
right what it says on the tin
lack of interest, mainly

so yeah! hope this has been real informative to you

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